Megan, thanks for sharing your views, experiences, and wisdom with us. I've always appreciated your open writing style. Thanks for your contributions here, and I'm looking forward to reading your future work. » 8/07/09 5:10pm 8/07/09 5:10pm

The Times Wedding section was the best part of the Sunday paper when I was 14. Now I'll just check it out to play "Spot the Mayflower Descendant" or to see if I know anyone, which happens weirdly often. Strangest connection was reading about the wedding of a woman who was my bunkmate at summer camp in 1993. » 7/12/09 2:37pm 7/12/09 2:37pm

Hold up, I think this Perezification is a Melissa Gira Grant creative endeavor from Wednesday afternoon, and Caroline was just reblogging it, but I could be wrong. Haven't talked to either to confirm, just going from when I saw the photos. » 11/13/08 5:30am 11/13/08 5:30am